Product FAQ

1. What are the differences between Yunzhi and Lingzhi?

Biologically, they belong to different categories:

  • Yunzhi (Coriolus Versicolor)

Polyporales, trametes
Also called Caiwen Yunzhi, Duose Yunzhi
Common name: Qian Ceng Mo (千層蘑)

  • Lingzhi (Ganoderma lucidum or Glossy ganoderma),

Ganodermataceae, Ganoderma Karst
Also called Hongzhi, Chizhi, Danzhi, Xiancao, Ruicao
There are differences in appearance:


There are differences in active ingredients:

The active ingredient in Yunzhi is Polysaccharide Peptide (PSP); those in Lingzhi are Gandoderm lucidum polysaccharide and ganoderic acid(triterpenoids). Coriolus Versicolor essence is the PSP extracted from the mycelia of Coriolus Versicolor COV-1 that possesses a specific range of molecular weight distribution and specific chemical structure, and is among the very few PSP that can be orally taken. It is a Chinese proprietary medicine that has been approved by the State based on proven efficacy in clinical trials.

2. What are the differences between Coriolus Versicolor PSP and the average wild-type Coriolus Versicolor?

According to the Bencao Gangmu (本草綱目, the Compendium of Meteria Medica), there are as many as 120 types of Coriolus Versicolor. The fruiting body of the average wild-type Coriolus Versicolor contains beta-glucan as a key component; this is mainly indicated for acute and chronic hepatitis. Since the key ingredient of Coriolus Versicolor PSP (ie, β1-3 glycosidic bond PSP) is mostly found in the mycelia, the fruiting body is not used as raw material of Coriolus Versicolor PSP. Instead, deeply-cultivated mycelia of COV-1 strain is used, undergoing processing using advanced biotechnology, ensuring absence of bacterial contamination or harmful impurities.

3. Coriolus Versicolor PSP is effective for which types of severe illness?

Coriolus Versicolor PSP is a biological modulator that achieves its anticancer effect by enhancing the body’s immunity, and can therefore be used across a range of serious illness types as adjuvant treatment for radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

4. In Western medicine, there are also immune-enhancing drugs for alleviation of severe illness treatment side effects. Are they similar to Coriolus Versicolor in efficacy? In the selection of these treatments, what criteria can be used?

In the treatment of severe illness, Western and Chinese medicine adopt different methods and concepts. In Western medicine, to achieve a certain effect, treatment with a medication may result in unwanted side effects; the side effects of mainstream severe illness treatments are good examples. Similarly, when using Western medications for enhancing immunity, side effects may be expected. On the other hand, Chinese medicine (such as Coriolus Versicolor PSP) enhances immunity without producing any side effects. Chinese medicine is also milder and, thus, the onset of effect may appear to be slower than that of a Western medicine. This is actually beneficial for the body, as this allows it to gradually adjust to the administration of treatments.

In the selection of Chinese or Western medicine to alleviate the side effects of severe illness  treatment, consideration should be given to the patient’s tolerance of side effects. Also, when deciding to use Chinese medicine, care should be taken to ensure that the drug has undergone clinical trial testing. There should be evidence to show that the Chinese medicine does not cause any toxic side effects or adverse reactions.

5. Can Coriolus Versicolor PSP be taken together with other Chinese or Western medications?

Based on evidence from nearly two decades of clinical experience, Coriolus Versicolor PSP can be used together with other Chinese or Western medications, with no interaction between the active ingredient PSP and other drugs. However, as a precaution, patients taking multiple drugs should be advised to take these drugs at different times.

6. Can Coriolus Versicolor PSP be used during radiotherapy and chemotherapy?

Coriolus Versicolor PSP is an approved adjuvant treatment to radiotherapy and chemotherapy in severe illness patients, with proven efficacy in large-scale, systematic, Phase II and III clinical trials. It can be used as adjuvant therapy at any stage of severe illness. Clinically, it is usually started before radiotherapy, chemotherapy or surgery, and should be continued throughout the course of these treatments, as well as for a period of time thereafter. In fact, many patients continue to use this product while in remission, and this has been effective in preventing cancer recurrence. When used together with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, Coriolus Versicolor PSP can significantly reduce toxic side effects and increase these treatments’ therapeutic effects.

7. I am currently receiving radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and taking 9 capsules of Coriolus Versicolor Essence each day. Can I reduce the dosage after I have completed my cancer treatments? What should be the standard of dosage reduction?

In Coriolus Versicolor PSP clinical trials, a dosage of 3 capsules 3 times per day were used. This dosing regimen was determined based on many studies assessing the best cost-effectiveness ratio. Therefore, under normal circumstances, it is not recommended to increase or decrease the dose. Severe illness treatment is a long-term process; it would be misleading to consider treatment as completed once surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy is over. Long-term use of Coriolus Versicolor PSP is suggested, unless there are financial considerations, in which case the scope of reduction should be decided based on the individual’s financial condition.

Nevertheless, a minimum of 4 to 6 capsules per day should be used, which is approximately half of the recommended dosage. This reduced-dosage regimen has been tested and shown to be effective in pharmacodynamics studies. Efficacy cannot be ensured at lower doses.

In healthy individuals, a lower dose can be used when Coriolus Versicolor PSP is taken as a regular health product to maintain good health. There is no standard recommended dose for this, as no systematic research has been done in this area.

8. Is Coriolus Versicolor PSP useful as adjuvant therapy in patients with advanced metastatic severe illness?

From experience of use in severe illness patients over the past two decades, the effect of Coriolus Versicolor PSP as adjuvant therapy in individuals with advanced severe illness can be confirmed. Coriolus Versicolor PSP:

  • Enhances immunity, specifically by improving white cell counts that have been lowered by chemotherapy, and allowing patients to continue with treatment
  • Retards the spread of unwelcome cells and helps stabilize the disease
  • Prevents metastasis and severe illness 
  • Improves symptoms and alleviates pain
  • Improves appetite and bodily function
  • Increases a patient’s quality of life and prolongs survival

9. After how long can I see the effect?

Coriolus Versicolor PSP is a Chinese proprietary medication and therefore has a slow onset of action with mild efficacy. According to data from clinical trials, under normal circumstances, efficacy can be observed after continuous use of Coriolus Versicolor PSP for at least 1 month. A clinical effective rate of over 82% can be observed with continuous use for 2 months when used with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Coriolus Versicolor PSP can be used long-term to enhance the efficacy of severe illness treatment and prevent metastasis and recurrence of severe illness. It should be used continuously, especially during chemotherapy. Results from two large-scale, systematic, Phase III clinical trials showed that Coriolus Versicolor PSP reduces the toxic side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, improving white cell counts and enhancing immunity.

10. What are the differences between Coriolus Versicolor PSP Essence and Coriolus Versicolor PSP Regular Capsules, and in what circumstances should each be used?

Coriolus Versicolor PSP Essence is produced based on the manufacturing technology of Coriolus Versicolor PSP combined with more advanced biotechnology to further purify and improve the product. Coriolus Versicolor PSP Essence has a higher concentration of active PSP (polysaccharide peptide concentration >70%) than Coriolus Versicolor PSP Regular (polysaccharide peptide concentration >38%)and is watersoluble. The water-soluble nature of Coriolus Versicolor Essence greatly increases its solubility, achieving near complete solution of its polymer PSP in water. This allows for a greater bioavailability of Coriolus Versicolor PSP after oral intake. Notably, Coriolus Versicolor Essence is over 10% more effective than Coriolus Versicolor PSP Regular. Enhanced results can be expected when used as adjuvant treatment to radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Whether used alone or as adjuvant therapy, Coriolus Versicolor Essence has a greater protective effect on bone marrow function and immunity than Coriolus Versicolor PSP Regular.

11. Is Coriolus Versicolor PSP suitable for everyone? Can it be taken by children?

Apart from organ transplant patients and those with immunological diseases, Coriolus Versicolor PSP can be safely used by all individuals, including children.

  • Coriolus Versicolor PSP is a safe and green Chinese proprietary medication. The level of agricultural remnants and heavy metal levels meet Hong Kong and international food and drug standards
  • Over 20 years of clinical use have indicated that there are no toxic side effects or adverse reactions with use of Coriolus Versicolor PSP
  • Coriolus Versicolor PSP is a biological modulator containing no chemical substances (such as hormones) that may affect children’s growth
  • Coriolus Versicolor PSP has been used as adjuvant therapy in childhood leukaemia for many years with no reports of adverse reactions

12. The product insert of Coriolus Versicolor PSP indicates that it is “contraindicated in individuals using immunosuppressants” – what does that mean?

“Individuals using immunosuppressants are those who have received organ transplants and patients who have immunologic diseases, who require long-term medication to suppress their immune system. An overly active immune system can cause disease, treating the body’s own tissues as foreign and attacking them, resulting in the evelopment of autoimmune disease. Common autoimmune diseases include rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes and systemic lupus erythematosus.

Coriolus Versicolor PSP is an immunity-enhancing agent which acts by increasing the body’s immunological function. In patients who need treatment to increase immune function, Coriolus Versicolor PSP can be used; in those who need immunosuppression, this is contraindicated.

13. Can Coriolus Versicolor PSP be used in a patient who has received a bone marrow transplant?

Bone marrow transplantation is a kind of organ transplantation. With the possibility of rejection, immunosuppressants are often required. Coriolus Versicolor PSP is therefore contraindicated. In those who have recovered from the bone marrow transplant with no signs of rejection, Coriolus Versicolor PSP can be used, but with caution and under the guidance of a physician.

14. Is Coriolus Versicolor PSP suitable for use in patients with diabetes or hypertension?

Coriolus Versicolor PSP can be used in patients with diabetes or hypertension.

  • In the Coriolus Versicolor PSP clinical trials, no increases in blood sugar level or effects on blood pressure were observed
  • No increases in the above mentioned adverse effects have been reported in 25 years of clinical use of Coriolus Versicolor PSP
  • From a chemical structure perspective, Coriolus Versicolor PSP is a β-glycosidic bond PSP, which is completely different from the glucose and α-glycosidic bond of sucrose and starch and, thus, cannot be converted into glucose through α-amylase and glycosidic bond hydrolysis. Thus, it will have no effect on blood sugar or blood pressure.

15. Can Coriolus Versicolor PSP improve canker sore?

In Western medicine, canker sore is a mouth ulcer hypothesized thought to be caused by viral infection. After infection, the virus remains latent in the human body until the individual’s immunity is compromised, resulting in flare-ups. Chinese medicine considers the cause as more complex, related to decreased immunity, disordered metabolism, genetic factors, stress and fatigue.

As yet, there is no systematic research on the effects of Coriolus Versicolor PSP in improving oral thrush, and therefore its use cannot be confirmed. Theoretically, Coriolus Versicolor PSP may be used to treat oral thrush, given its effect on improving immune function. However, there is no significant effect if Coriolus Versicolor PSP is used after the occurrence of canker sore, as it has a slow action and would not help with rapid healing of oral ulcers.

16. Why is the color of the medicinal powder different in different batches of products?

Natural color normally exists in Chinese medication and would change with minute changes during production. Slight differences in color are difficult to control, especially between batches.In the approved standard by the State Food and Drug Administration, the requirement for color is “light brown to brown colored powder”. We are dedicated to improving and reducing the color differences between batches.

The color intensity of product is also determined by the diameter of the powder particles, as total intensity of color is basically constant, but with larger particles there is a smaller surface area, resulting in a darker-color powder; conversely, a smaller diameter would result in a lighter-color powder. Nevertheless, all these changes affect only the appearance of the medication and do not impact on quality and efficacy.

17. Why use capsules?

1. Capsules cover the medicinal powder to prevent its adherence to the oesophagus, thereby facilitating the delivery of the medication to the stomach where the capsule is digested and the medication absorbed.

This maximizes the absorption of the medication in the stomach and avoids possible damage to the oesophagus due to the medication.

2. The smooth surface of capsules helps with swallowing. By encapsulating the powder, patients do not taste the bitterness of the medicine, making the product more palatable and improving adherence to treatment.

18. What is the effect of PSP on eczema ?

The exact cause of Eczema is unknown. As it might be due to the body’s inherent lack of a certain protein that protects the skin, and many other internal and external factors, such as weather, food and mental stress…………etc. that causes the symptoms of eczema, it cannot be cured.

Eczema is also thought to be linked to an over reactive response by the body’s immune system to an irritant. It is this response that causes the symptoms of eczema. Thus, taking the PSP capsules enhance the body’s immune function, help restoring the body’s immunity and ease the eczema symptoms.