PSP-related Research

How to Choose Excellent Coriolus Versicolor ( Yunzhi ) Essence Extract

There are numerous species of Coriolus Versicolor existing in nature. Through meticulous research and tests, COV-1 was found to be potent strain for preparing immunity enhancing extracts. The most crucial first step is the identification of COV-1, followed by a GMP-certified and patented manufacturing process in making the effective end-product PSP :

Stringent Quality Control Starts With COV-1 Cultivation

About 100 species of Coriolus Versicolor were tested. COV-1 was by far found to be potent strain. Isolating COV-1 from nature and having it cultivated is the only means to get the best and contamination free ingredient to start with.

Patent technology for cultivation and extraction of PSP

PSP gained international attention since the 80’s, it has been a hot topic for research studies in the field. Two international conferences were specially convened to study PSP, and tons of thesis and papers were written on it. The general awareness of the inherent medicinal value of Coriolus Versicolor ( Yunzhi ) started from there. To obtain pure PSP, COV-1 mycelia are prepared by using deep layer cultivation, followed by a patented extraction process. The related patents are still held by Shanghai Normal University today.

Stringent Clinical Trials and years’ of track record benefiting over a million of patients

PSP was invented by Professor Q.Y. Yang of Shanghai Normal University in 1982. It took him 10 years to finish research and the three phases of clinical trials. The phrase 2 and phase 3 randomized double-blind placebo-based clinical trials for PSP were completed in 1992 in 8 and 14 hospitals respectively with 485 and 650 patients in different control groups. Since then, PSP has been widely used, and over a million patients have benefited from it. In 1999, Hong Kong University did clinical trials again on PSP and obtained the same positive results. The efficacy of PSP is well- proven by tests and time, and no side effect has ever been reported.
To help patients in selecting good supplements for their treatments of cancer, it is also advisable to do some research work to know and understand the products you have selected. A few test reports from a single research institute cannot say much of a product. Results supported by successful clinical trials are no doubt speak for themselves. It is worth to note that “being preparing for” clinical trial and “have finished” clinical trials are completely different things, because clinical trials are time consuming and costly.

Reputable Manufacturer and state-of-the-art facilities

Shanghai Xinkang Pharmaceutical Factory ( SHXPF ) is a subsidiary of Shanghai Normal University. Built around its advanced GMP-certified factory floor are a number of well-equipped laboratories. Since the facilities are for manufacturing as well as for research studies, they are packed with the latest and most advanced equipment. SHXPF is the only authorized manufacturer for PSP. Through tireless research effort, manufacturing process of PSP has been kept up-to-date using the latest technology. PSP available today is in higher PSP concentration and water-soluble for readily body absorption. Water-soluble PSP is manufactured exclusively for world-wide distribution by Sealand Enterprises Limited.

Only The Best, No Others

PSP is undoubtedly excellent immunity enhancement supplement of its kind. To ensure patients receive it in its best quality, everything goes with it must be the excellent. It comes in Vcaps® capsules made from plant extract rather than the traditional gelatin made from animal tissue. The capsules are packaged in the double-layered bottles for better quality assurances.

How do experts say about water-soluble PSP:

  • Higher Content of Active Ingredient
    Water-soluble PSP Essence is higher in concentration, achieved through research and the latest technology. It is even more effective than the traditional PSP.
  • More effective and Better Body Absorption
    Water-soluble PSP Essence is almost completely soluble in water. It is much easier to be absorbed by the body and acts quicker to produce the desired effect. Compared with the traditional PSP, instances of better efficacy were reported when it was used alone. When it was used to complement radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatments, the effect was even more obvious.