Vcap® Vegetarian Capsule

High-quality Materials for the Health-conscious

The Vcap® vegetarian capsule uses raw materials from HPMC tissues of the trunk of Pinus taeda from the Southeastern United States; vast expanses of Pinus taeda trees in this geographical area grow in conditions where there is nearly zero pollution. Vcap® vegetarian capsules contain the fundamental ingredients of polysaccharide and plant cell wall, which enhance digestion and absorption of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Vegetarian capsules also contain a very small amount of water, resulting in a more stable medication in storage and making it better for human health than the traditional animal gelatin capsule.

Vegetarian capsule vs Animal gelatin capsule

Vegetarian capsule

Animal Gelatin capsule

Uses plant tissue as raw material; not exposed to pollution and hypoallergenic

Contains polysaccharide and plant cell wall, enhancing the absorption of protein, fat and carbohydrates

Suitable for vegetarians

Uses animal-derived gelatin as raw material

Contains artificial color

Susceptible to pollution

May cause allergic reactions